Institutional team building / by studio amd

So, yes, to install an app onto your device, devote drive space to it, and be faced with it every time you look to make a call, or check your email, or look at facebook is a commitment. Even apps you rarely use have a "presence" and remain on your radar as part of your virtual "mind".

This is not the casual relationship people have to a spec commercial, retail, or residential project - none of which will be occupied by the client, nor necessarily the prospective lessors/buyers - all of whom need to remain somewhat circumspect towards a design.

However, for institutions with a team of stakeholders all dedicated to making a new buidling - who will be working there, talking about it with others, closely tracking its progress, perhaps raising money for the construction, and conceivably thinking of it as partially a built testament to their life's work - the committed relationship makes a ton more sense. The team feels the presence of the building task in front of them every time they look at their device. The vision is reinforced every time they open the app, and as they present their pride and joy to colleagues, friends, family, donors, strangers, they become enthusiatic ambassadors.

It took us a long time to get to this realization. But apps really belong in sectors where the stakeholder group is large, and having a constant presence on their devices is the surest bet yet everyone is seeing the same vision and working towards the same goal.

Jon Kletzien