Intimate Presentations / by studio amd

People will consume content on their mobile devices, this seems an obvious trend that will not abate. It's obviously easier to engage in professional correspondence on the road than ever before, and something like social media would be kind of a bummer if we only could post content from our lap/desk tops - and not directly from our personal camera.

What goes generally unremarked about though, is mobile in the context of the intimate presentation IRL (in real life). There are clearly things on mobile you can not do with a laptop, you can show it anywhere, do augmented reality, do virtual reality, you can interact with it more physically using swipes and pinches and that kind of stuff.

But perhaps the most important thing for the professional presenter is that when you hand someone your device, you know how you want them to react, and you can choose the proper content to drop them in to. If you're not a professional presenter, the equation is a little different - because you're probably handing off your device with pride at what the content is - and every time you share it this way you yourself are getting more committed to the cause.

Tablets aren't much for a roomful of people (though it is totally doable), and when content creators are making material, keeping in mind that the content will be viewed increasingly on mobile, and used in intimate presentations is a big value add.

Jon Kletzien