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During the quiet phase when the vision is big and the materials are general, through the heart of the campaign when the opportunities are specific and the message is multifaceted, use one app to empower your development team to make memorable presentations.


For The Development Team

Institutional fundraising conversations that occur off site - between front line fundraisers and potential donors - will likely evolve significantly because of the mobile revolution. Whether it be more novel augmented reality models and panoramas, or simply just the portability of an iPad with all your presentation assets stored on it. This technology should help make your life easier, let you communicate better, leave a lasting impression, and particularly help deans, and administrators who might not be as comfortable making "the ask".

Present your evolving media from the same app for the entirety of the campaign. Update it when you can, present when you need to.

For The Communications Team

One location to upload your latest case statement, film, or presentation deck and have it be distributed to the front line development team seamlessly and elegantly.

For The Architectural Team

Build your client an app in minutes, and issue updates at milestones to increase client team engagement, foster their buy-in, and all while you help them start raising funds earlier and faster. See more.


How does it work?

Our Building is an iOS app with a simple navigation structure to get to the information you want to present. Tutorial is here.

Its main power, though, lies in the system backing the content. This is a web based interface to drag and drop content you've commissioned or made (presentation decks, images, films, panoramas, augmented reality models), to build an app in minutes. Your team in the field just needs to log in on the app to download that content and they're ready for the next presentation.

A native app that's updated as easily as a website, and let's you present with the reliability of local content.

How much does it cost?

We are committed to cost effective solutions for the non-profits we serve - and will offer more nuanced account plans upon review of usage by early adopters. At present, each campaign/project subscribes to an account in order to access the upload web dashboard and download their goods.

The Basic account is 150/month and includes:
*10 GB Storage
*100 GB of downloads

Want to try it?

Install to your iPhone or iPad here, then contact us below to get a sample username, password, and augmented reality target card.


Q: Is Our Building available for Android devices?

A: Not at this time. We did the math and at this juncture it is more economical for our clients to buy iPads for their front line fundraisers/stakeholders, than to pay us to support multiple platforms/resolutions. We will revisit this decision periodically, but for now to keep our customer's costs down Our Building is only available for iOS devices.

Q: Do I need goggles, Oculus Rift or something like Google cardboard?

A: No, while we love VR, the bulk of the material in the app requires a full screen experience, and is significantly better on an iPad. Requiring headgear for only some of the content, losing eye contact during donor conversations, and disqualifying the iPad from use was too high a price to pay for the added functionality. Moreover, we've talked to enough major gift officers to know many of their constituents have difficulty turning their heads. That said, the app does support panoramic VR tours in online mode if your VR authoring software can publish to HTML.

Q: Can I distribute this app to my alumni/staff/wider community?

A: Technically yes, however we would strongly discourage it for a few reasons. Mostly because apps are a horrible way to build broad support, you are much better off with a website, social media, or a film that requires much less commitment from the end user than devoting space on their device. Secondarily because much of this media is mute, it needs either a deeply involved party, or a person presenting it to bring it to life.

Q: I understand the impact of mobile presentation tools in intimate presentations - they are much richer than what you can do on a laptop - but the pieces still feel like pieces and not a story, what do you suggest?

A: Understood, to make an app that works for many is to abandon the opportunities that a specific project might suggest. Try as we might, there is no substitute for a custom app where content and the interface are conceived as unified. But, we can design and make one, in fact that's what we love to do  - just let us know, we can't wait to start!

Q: I like it, but it'd be better if it was branded to my institution/campaign/firm, can I get that?

A: Yes, what you're talking about is called white-labeling, and we can do that. Reach out and let us know and we'll put together some numbers.

Q: What is studio amd?

A: We're a 25 year old digital art studio that makes renderings, films, interactive experiences, and apps primarily for building projects.  

Q: I know you're primarily a creative firm, do I have to work with you guys?

A: You will for the augmented reality model, but otherwise not much. We hope you will, but ultimately we offer this app to provide a role that we saw lacking  - a central mobile platform that can get assets to internal stakeholders elegantly. We would appreciate you engaging us, for stuff like renderings, films or a digital site model - but we don't require using us creatively in order to use the platform.