our building

app building software to deliver a private, rich architectural presentation

Are we right? We're guessing that your projects - especially ones with large client teams - probably aren't as efficient as you'd like them to be. And that's partly because outside of the occasional presentation - there are no great forums for you to get deep, broad buy-in throughout your client team on your message/design.

Our building is such a forum - you build the narrative, curate the media, and give something irresistible that your clients carry with them and want to explore and review in their private/in-between time - even showing it off to colleagues, friends and family.

Make and edit a private app and let your client teams become informed, empowered, enthusiastic ambassadors for their project, fostering their deep buy-in for the project you're making together.



Presentation Decks and Short Films

There are different ways to outline complex subjects - like a building - but a presentation deck remains the lingua franca of most presentations. Whether it is a high level message laying out the masterplan, institutional need, and your philosophy early on, or a thorough explanatory document with plans, and diagrams later in the game - you control how the app evolves and supports your latest message.

Or, the app supports short films - for instance a simple film narrating your last presentation deck exactly like you intended, or an edited video of your last presentation, or an animation, or an actual film that you commissioned - they may not always have tons of depth, bu thtey are digested easily.


With the mobile platform, panoramas have found their natural home. While not as immersive as true VR, they have distinct advantages.

  • you can curate where they can go in the project
  • you can curate how precise the render quality is
  • view or show them anywhere public or private
  • can't get lost or frustated
  • you can make them with software you already own
  • no need to take off/on goggles to view all the app's content.

Architectural Models

What is an architectural presentation without an architectural model?

For clients to want to open the app routinely, you need some content that is irresistible - and architectural models are irresistible. The small scale, and choice of material (basswood/chipboard, etc.) manage expectations clients demand of traditional physical models - and augmented reality models are similar - but they still have value in helping understand context and massing. And in this case, provide content that makes looking at your app irresistible.


How does it work?

Our Building is an iOS app with a simple navigation structure to let you curate, and narrow cast your message to your client throughout the design process. Tutorial is here.

Its main power, though, lies in the system backing the content. This is a web based interface to drag and drop content you've commissioned or made (presentation decks, images, films, panoramas, augmented reality models), to the cloud-to build your own app in minutes. Your client just needs to log in, and all the material gets downloaded to their device - ready for them to see what you've made, and listen to what you have to say.

An app that updates as easily as a website, and is consumable anywhere your client can take their phone.

How much does it cost?

We are committed to cost effective solutions - and will offer more nuanced account plans upon review of usage by early adopters. At present, each project subscribes to an account in order to access the upload web dashboard and download their goods.

The Basic account is 150/month and includes:
*10 GB Storage
*100 GB of downloads

Want to try it?

Install to your iPhone or iPad here, and contact us below to get a sample username, password, and augmented reality target card.


Q: Is Our Building available for Android devices?

A: Not at this time. We did the math and at this juncture it is more economical for our clients to buy iPads/iTouches for their Android equipped clients, than to pay us to support multiple platforms/resolutions. We will revisit this decision when we have a larger user base, but for now to keep our customer's costs down, Our Building is only available for iOS devices.

Q: Do I have to allot resources for my team to learn yet ANOTHER new authoring software?

A: By and large, no. We made this to work primarily with the kinds of assets you are already creating for your presentations - be it presentation decks, films, panoramas, or renderings.

Q: What is studio amd?

A: We're a 25 year old digital art studio that makes renderings, films, interactive experiences, and apps primarily for building projects.  

Q: I know you're primarily a creative firm, do I have to work with you guys?

A: Not for the vast majority of stuff. We will need to help port out the augmented reality version of the model (sketchup, revit, rhino, etc...) you've made, but ultimately we offer this app to provide a role mobile can play that we saw lacking  - a platform that can provide more contact points for you to lead, and a personal way for your clients to embrace and share their enthusiasm. We stand at the ready to do bigger stuff like renderings, panoramas, VR tours, films or a digital site model - but we don't require using us creatively in order to use the platform. 

Q: Do I need goggles, Oculus Rift or something like Google cardboard?

A: No, though these are supported in online mode under the updates/links section. Right now in offline mode we have prioritized full screen panoramas that work more seamlessly with the other media types within (meaning: you don't have to put on and take off gear during a session to get to all the content).

Q: Why do I need a target card for the Augmented Reality model? 

A: We know there is SLAM technology out there that's getting better everyday - where you technically don't need a physical target. The problem is if the surface you want to project to is very shiny/reflective, or it is featureless than your device will struggle to make sense of it, it's just safer to have a target that you know works. 

Q: Do I need content for all the areas of the app for it to work?

A: No, the app will work just fine if you only have some areas filled, however we would recommend having at least two media types to start making it worthwhile. For instance augmented reality is novel now - but it fatigues pretty quickly - having somewhere else for users to go when they've drawn what they can from it is important.    

Q: Can I distribute this app as a marketing piece to a wider community?

A: Technically yes, however we don't encourage it unless you've had a face to face meeting and introduced them to the idea of this app as a team building tool. But if you have a substantial client team you are responding too, this is a great tool, and adding a questionnaire under the updates/links tab to solicit feedback seems like a great way to get feedback.

Q: I like it, but it'd be better if it was branded to my firm/project, can I get that?

A: Yes, what you're talking about is called white-labeling, and we can do that. Reach out and let us know and we'll put together some numbers.

Q: I understand the impact of mobile presentation tools in intimate presentations - they are much richer than what you can do on a laptop - but the pieces still feel like pieces and not a story, what do you suggest?

A: Understood, to make an app that works for many is to abandon the opportunities that a specific story might suggest. Try as we might, there is no substitute for a custom app where content and the interface are developed in tandem. But, we can design and make one, in fact that's what we love to do  - just let us know, we can't wait to start!