Academic Film Samples

Please find a series of short films representing different levels of scope. The more freestanding the message needs to be, (on a website) the more polish you want in order to deliver a crisply edited piece with a clear call to action. Conversely if you know this will only be shown in venues where you can narrate the sequence and respond to the audience you'll need less supporting material. 

film thumbnail.jpg

Gatton College of Business and economics at the University of Kentucky

Developed for the ground breaking ceremony for the new Gatton College of Business building in Lexington - with an eye towards its future use as a standalone piece on their website. This film was developed over the course of twelve weeks, and included interviews with stakeholders to illuminate their case, and make their ask.


Breazzano Family Center at the Johnson Graduate School of Management-Cornell

This film was developed over the course of ten weeks for the ground breaking, then to be supportive of major gift officers in the field who carried it with them on iPads. The short film contains computer animation and text overlays with minimal specialFX and editing.

Harvard Kennedy School

The moving animation was done at an interim design stage to showcase the passage from street to proposed courtyard-the architect presented these live to the trustees. Subsequently, as part of the custom presentation application we made for their development team - these panoramas (courtyard, dining hall, classroom) were turned into small turning animations to live on their website with text descriptions.